Feb 5, 2021 - Apr 30, 2021
This program exposes girls to robotics. The students will build two robots, one that they need to program and one that they do not need to program. They will also be taught how to use Scratch in order to create an application that positively impacts their community.
Provided by Kathleen and Everybody Code Now!

Program Dates & Times

2/5/2021 6-8 pm ET

2/12/2021 6-8 pm ET

2/19/2021 6-8 pm ET

2/26/2021 6-8 pm ET

3/5/2021 6-8 pm ET

3/12/2021 6-8 pm ET

3/19/2021 6-8 pm ET

3/26/2021 6-8 pm ET

4/2/2021 6-8pm ET

4/9/2021 6-8pm ET 

4/16/2021 6-8pm ET

4/23/2021 6-8pm ET

4/30/2021 6-8pm ET




6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade


This program will be free to all participants within the program. 

More About the Program

This program is a chance for girls in 6th-8th grades to be exposed to both computer programming and robotics. The program will be completely over Zoom and the materials needed for the program will be shipped to the participants before the start of the program. Throughout the duration of this program, the participants will build 2 robots (one that requires coding and one that does not), and will program a final project using Scratch. The program costs $10 and is every Friday from 6-8 pm EST for 12 weeks.

For more information, contact Kathleen.


Meeting 1: Introductions, icebreakers, and a mini robot build (tin can robot) 

Meeting 2: Students will begin the production of their robotic car

Meeting 3: Students will continue to build their robot car

Meeting 4: Students will begin to program their robot car.

Meeting 5: Students will continue to program their robot car.

Meeting 6: Students will meet a volunteer speaker to talk about what it means to have a job in Computer Science and to learn about potential career paths.

Meeting 7: The students will have their very first lesson in Scratch.

Meeting 8: The students will continue to build their knowledge of Scratch and will begin to brainstorm things they can build using Scratch.

Meeting 9: The students will continue to build their knowledge of Scratch and begin to code their final project.

Meeting 10: The students will continue to build their knowledge of Scratch and work on their final projects.

Meeting 11: The students will wrap up their final projects and prepare their presentations for the showcase.

Meeting 12: This is the final meeting and the parental showcase where the participants show their parents and community members what they have been working on. 


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