Seattle, WA
Jun 21, 2021 - Jul 2, 2021
We are a student led organization that aims to introduce computer science to middle school girls. Students will learn the principles of Python through curriculum created at Carnegie Mellon University to implement figures, basic animations, conditionals, and games. This program will be implemented virtually using the Zoom online video conferencing platform. Some of our instructors are proficient in basic Spanish.
Provided by Anya and Women Advancing Tomorrow's Technologists

Program Dates & Times

6/21/2021 - 7/02/2021, Monday-Friday

10 am - 11:30 am - Python programming

11:30 am - 12:30 pm - Lunch

12:30 pm - 2 pm - Python programming



5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade


Free. Laptop rental can be arranged if needed.

More About the Program

A. Date/Time: Meeting 1, 3 hours; Lesson Title: "Welcome + introduction to the fun of Python coding"; Learning Goals: Welcome participants, start to build communities, and set expectations. Introduce the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Introduce Python and get comfortable with canvas; Brief Agenda: Welcome, ice-breaker, expectations, discussion on "challenges in sustainability," exploring Python, closing/reflections.

B. Date/Time: Meeting 2, 3 hours; Lesson Title "Drawing a landscape"; Learning Goals: Explore ways we can draw a circle and change its colors to various solid colors. Draw overlapping circles and modify landscape to make it night. 3. Draw circular water bodies and identify as clean water and dirty water. Brief Agenda: Welcome, ice breaker/community building, Activity 1, Break, Activity 2, Closing/Reflection.

C. Date/Time: Meeting 3, 3 hours; Lesson Title: "Captain America"; Learning Goals: Learn to draw stars and fill with solid colors and gradients. Draw Captain America shield and draw clean and dirty water bodies using different shapes and solid and gradient colors. Brief Agenda: Ice breaker/Community building, Activity 1, Break, Creation time, Closing/Reflection.

D. Date/Time: Meeting 4, 3 hours; Lesson Title: "Castle and Green Lantern"; Learning Goals: Learn how to draw rectangles and create colors using RBG values. Build a castle and a green lantern logo. Discuss finding clean water to bring to our castle. Brief Agenda: As in section C.

E. Date/Time: Meeting 5, 3 hours; Lesson Title: "Lines, Labels and Ovals"; Learning Goals: Learn how to draw lines, use text to create labels and draw ovals. Draw oval water bodies and label them as lakes and ponds. Brief Agenda: As in section C.

F. Date/Time: Meeting 6, 3 hours; Lesson Title: "R2D2 Robot"; Learning Goals: Draw R2D2 from Star Wars using rectangles, circles and gradients. Continue designing and build robot shapes to identify clean and dirty water and deposit in rectangular clean and dirty water containers. Brief Agenda: As in section C.

G. Date/Time: Meeting 7, 3 hours; Lesson Title: "Collaborating to solve problems"; Learning Goals: Write functions and variables to create basic animations and games about the water cycle. Brief Agenda: As in section C.

H. Date/Time: Meeting 8, 3 hours; Lesson Title: "Basic Animations"; Learning Goals: Learn how to use groups and loops in animations. Continue working on water cycle and design a loop game with water drops evaporating from water bodies to clouds and back as rain. Brief Agenda: As in section C.

I. Date/Time: Meeting 9, 3 hours; Lesson Title: "Conditionals and Animation"; Learning Goals: Continues using groups and loops in animations. Perfecting any flaws in water cycle game design focusing on decreasing water usage and increasing clean water availability. Brief Agenda: As in section C.

J. Date/Time: Meeting 10, 3 hours; Lesson Title: "Celebration and Presentation"; Learning Goals: 1. Building enhancements to game to trace water cycling through lakes, streams, clouds and rain and finally from water faucet. Brief Agenda: Welcome, Ice breaker/Community building, Creation time, Break, Celebration/Presentation of trophies and certificates.


For more information, contact Anya.


This 2-week virtual session will introduce students to the principles of Python programming. We will discuss concepts such as water conservation and drawing shapes using Python. As a final project, students will create a game about the water cycle. Students will also hear personal stories from women in STEM and why they find their career rewarding.

A. Date/Time: 6/21/2021-7/02/2021/  10 AM-2 PM

Meeting 1: 

  • Introduction to the fun of Python coding! 
  • Introduce the UN Sustainable Development Goals

B. Date/Time: 

Meeting 2:

  • Drawing a landscape using circles and colors
  • Learn about water cycle

Meeting 3:

  • Use stars and colors to draw Captain America’s shield
  • Learn about clean and dirty water bodies

Meeting 4:

  • Use rectangles and colors to draw a castle and green lantern
  • Discuss finding clean water to bring to castle

Meeting 5: 

  • Draw lines, labels and ovals
  • Learn how to draw lakes and ponds

Meeting 6:

  • Draw R2D2 from Star Wars 
  • Design robot shapes to look for clean and dirty water

Meeting 7:

  • Create basic animations
  • Play games about water cycle

Meeting 8:

  • Basic animations
  • Play games about water cycle

Meeting 9:

  • Conditionals and Animation
  • Learn about water conservation

Meeting 10:

  • Celebration and presentation of awards
  • Trace water cycle to water faucet





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