West Windsor Township, NJ
Mar 14, 2021 - Apr 24, 2021
A series of FREE introductory STEM enrichment workshops aimed to educate and empower girls by introducing them to the concepts of web development, computer science, and entrepreneurship. Girls will learn about a world issue of their choosing and develop a possible solution in the form of a website. They will then build a website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and CAD and present it in a virtual showcase! No prior experience required, Come with a desire to learn, explore, make new friends and HAVE FUN!
Provided by Vonesha and Muslim Center of Greater Princeton

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2 pm - 5:30 pm









8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade



More About the Program

Looking at the world through the lens of a businesswoman, participants will pick a real-world challenge from the 17 UN Sustainability Goals and investigate innovative solutions, which they will implement in their websites using web development techniques. Participants will learn about the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to make an informative and engaging website that highlights their chosen issue and clearly outlines a plausible solution. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about business and entrepreneurship, conducting themselves in a professional manner and building skills in collaboration and communication. They will learn from and work with female professionals in STEM careers to build confidence in pursuing STEM and to gain insight on what their own careers might look like. Throughout the session, participants will be working towards a virtual showcase where they will display their webpages in a Shark Tank-style presentation with a twist-- everyone's a winner!

For more information contact Vonesha: gift.STEAM.contact@gmail.com

For more information, contact Vonesha.


Session 1: Kickoff! (Introduction to HTML & CSS)

Introduction to Web Development and components of WEB, Learn uses of websites.

Learn basics of HTML

Introduce and discuss 17 UN Sustainable Goals

Start researching chosen goal

Introduction to CAD and what makes a good logo

Start web page 

Introduction to what the Internet is and looking at how it works at an in-depth perspective

Girls in CS High School Panel 


Session 2: Elements of HTML and starting Presentations!

Understand HTML structure, design and create web pages using Tags, create anchors and create links to images

Research Goal, Identify the social issue, Brainstorm and then finalize on a solution

Introduction to data, big data and metadata. Discuss privacy concerns with saving data. Lossy and lossless compression when saving data

Introduction to tools and effects from Gravit Designer

Women in CS College Panel 


Session 3: More work on HTML and finish up Presentations!

Introduction to CSS, create stylesheets, learn about applying colors and fonts to web pages, integrate multiple web pages


Make a logo, website description, list features of website, make company name and add other parts of the business plan to presentation

Discuss the ways in which the Internet has bettered people's lives. Examples include video conferencing, e-commerce, targeted advertisement, social media, SMS etc. Also talk about Digital Divide and Moore's Law

Demonstration of making a logo using Gravit Designer

Women in CS Career Panel: Digital Divide


Session 4: Learn about HTML attributes and finish Programming!

Build interactive web pages, Create web sites bringing all web pages and CSS

Make logo that fits their UN Sustainability Goals

Introduction to Weebly free website building tools. 

Introduction to computer hardware and software

Introduce programming design steps and the "Hello World" program.

Women in CS industry panel


Session 5:

Introduction to the basics of Algorithms, mathematical operators, relational and boolean operators

Publish Weebly websites and present web pages.

Women in Tech panel.


Session 6: Publish Weebly websites and present web pages




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