Virtual (Zoom), CA
Jun 26, 2021 - Jun 27, 2021
This program is a two-day series of structured interactive workshops designed to spark an interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications across disciplines like art, environment, and fashion. The aim of the outreach is to help young women explore careers at the cross-section of the sciences and the humanities.
Provided by Aroshi and LITAS For Girls

Program Dates & Times

Saturday and Sunday (9 am - 5:30 pm)


6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade


No fees.

More About the Program

Following are our learning goals for the participants:

(i) Introduce the basic concepts of AI and Blockchain.
(ii) Introduce how AI and Blockchain skills may be transferred into areas like art/music creation and copyright tracking, so that the young women are more open to using CS in their careers.
(iii) Identify how AI and Blockchain may be used to solve some of the most fundamental challenges like the climate change crisis and racial justice.
(iv) Activities will not require previous coding experience but will use the skills taught in class for brainstorming as a team and will include minor projects that are engaging and interactive.
(v) The speaker panels will focus on the ethical implications of using AI and Blockchain, but will also enable the girls to ask questions and receive from industry leaders about STEM careers.

For more information, contact Aroshi.


Day 1:

Introduction to AI

Introduction to Blockchain


Day 2:

Applications of AI and Blockchain

Group Project

Register for AI Spectra: Applications of Artifical Intelligence and Blockchain !

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