Grand Rapids, MI
Sep 29, 2020 - Dec 30, 2020
This will be Calvin's sixth year hosting free Girls Who Code clubs, welcoming girls from local schools, and meeting weekly throughout the school year. Activities include: learning in a computer lab setting, taking trips to local technology companies, and thinking about solving problems using technology. Girls will present about women in computing.
Provided by Nikita and Calvin College

Program Dates & Times

Wednesdays from 6 - 8 pm weekly


6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade



More About the Program

If you’re a middle or high school girl interested in computers, programming, or technology in general, this club is for you. It’s going to be awesome! We are a Girls Who Code chapter at Calvin University. 

Why join? You will be learning about programming and technology in a fun environment. Beginners are welcome – no prior knowledge required!

- learn how technology works

- meet and get to know other girls with similar interests

- get some social time and some learn-about-technology time each week

- learn about creating real-world software programs, including mobile apps and games

- design and build a software system that will make a difference for someone in your local community

For more information, contact Nikita.


*Schedule may be subject to change. In-Person or Virtual: TBD. A second program will be offered from Jan - May, details and registration to come.

September 30: Launch clubs for the first cohort. Clubs meet weekly (with breaks for holidays), learning about different technologies, famous women in computing, etc., until the end of the round. Evaluate and report the current skill level of the girls in the club.

October 7: Girls conduct research on female computer scientists that may not be famous but are currently making an impact in the field.

October 14: Learn about variables, strings, numbers, bools, and how they can be used in If-Statements.

October 21: Simple RegEx and cool ways to use it in code AND everyday life

October 28: Begin a larger project or lesson based on the girls' interests or questions. (Mobile app? Web app? Control Scribbler robots? Other?)

November 4: Continue the project from last week.

November 11: Field trip! Location TBD.

November 18: Functions and possibly loops.

November 25: Basic recursion with functions. (If time: Hardware v. Software -- why does code work?)

December 2: What is the internet?

December 9: Arrays and indexes.

December 16: Female speakers from Calvin Information Technology present to the girls.

December 30: Evaluate and report the current skill level of the girls in the club, how they have grown, and what they have learned so far. Celebrate skills learned so far and reflect on favorite technologies used. Let the girls choose activities they would like to do.


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