Greensboro, NC
Aug 3, 2020 - Aug 7, 2020
Codeista is a program combining art and technology to make computer science fun and engaging. Through lessons, discussions, and creating personal projects, I hope not only to encourage girls to consider a STEM career, but also to develop the growth mindset to succeed in the future.
Provided by Suhani and AAUW Greensboro

Program Dates & Times

August 3, 2020 - August 7, 2020

9 am to 4 pm



7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade



More About the Program

Hi everyone, welcome to Codeista! We're so excited about this summer's IT is for Girls: Camp in a Backpack!  

During this camp we will use Alice, a block-based programming interface that reflects more complex languages like Java and Python, to create 3D animations and interactive games. A large part of Codeista is using our creativity to combine art and technology, so we will also be focusing on enhancing the design of our worlds. We will learn about functions, variables, different statements, events, and other technical terminology. If you want more information about Alice, visit this website: By this time, you should have already received a bookbag filled with swag items. However, we will not be using these for Codeista. All you need is a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer that is compatible with Alice and be ready to learn! 

See you in camp!

For more information, contact Suhani.


Monday: On the first day of camp all participants will have an introduction to Alice. First, a brief PowerPoint will be presented that highlights what the girls will learn through the duration of camp as well as how these skills can be applied to the real world. Students will learn about strings, do together statements, and functions. They will be given time during class to play around with Alice and apply what they learn to create their own world

Tuesday: Students will learn how to create scene transitions and add fading in/out to their worlds to create their first animation. They will learn how to create events and do in order statements. 

Wednesday: Students will start creating more complex worlds that start combining what they learned on Day 1 and 2. They will go deeper into events and start learning about vehicles. We will have a social issue seminar where we start developing ideas as a group to start brainstorming about final projects. 

Thursday: Students will start learning about user interactions, variables, and a deeper understanding of functions. They will formulate groups and start working on their projects. 

Friday: Students will complete their projects and present their final projects. 

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