Hightstown, NJ
Feb 22, 2020 - Apr 4, 2020
A series of FREE introductory computer science workshops aimed to educate and empower underrepresented Hispanic girls in Grades K-8 through Coding and Social Entrepreneurship! To bring equity through Technology, facilitating conversations about the importance of diversity in technology while creating an inclusive learning space.
Participants will work with core values, teamwork, and gracious professionalism in creating technology that will solve problems in their communities and in the world. The program challenges participants and assists them to become creators, inventors, scientists and STEM leaders, opening a world of opportunities!

No prior experience required! Come with a desire to learn, explore, make new friends and have fun!
Provided by Vonesha and Community Action Service Center dba Rise

Registration is closed for this program. Please contact the Program Leader for information about a waitlist.

Program Dates & Times

Saturday 11-2 pm


April Expo/Field trip TBD


1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade



More About the Program

GIFTS- GIRL (Go-getter Inventor Risk-taker Leader) Innovators Future Technologist and Social-Entrepreneurs Chicas is a program with a series of introductory computer science workshops that empower students to create authentic artifacts and engage with Technology as a medium for positive social change. 

Workshops are designed to give progressive learning experience for girls in Computer Science. Teaching about logic, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and foster creativity to prepare today’s Latina girls for tomorrow’s STEM careers.

Looking at the world through a different lens, participants will pick a real-world challenge and explore possible ideas to investigate and engineer an innovative solution. Throughout the program, emphasis is given to girl-led activities and engagement in the serious fun of learning technology to provide an impactful experience and teach students how to become proactive learners.

Interacting with female role models, participants will learn what it is like to pursue STEM as a profession. It will give participants an idea about what college and careers in Computer Science are all about and leverage technology for their own interests whether it be in Engineering, Finance, Medicine or Business; empowering participants to develop confidence and give a foundation needed to pursue careers in technical fields. 

Participants will learn how to build and program their own Robots, create mobile applications to address a sustainable problem in their community and then showcase their innovations to subject matter experts where teams pitch their ideas in a “Shark Tank” style with a twist - everyone will be a WINNER!

For more information contact Vonesha: gift.STEAM.contact@gmail.com

For more information, contact Vonesha.


Session 1 Welcome to Crack the Code!

- Women in Technology presentations

- Learn how computers work and how to stay safe online

- Discover how we are connected, just like computers

- Unplugged: Teach computational thinking skills without computers

Session 2 Hackers, beware!

- Learn how to keep computers and information safe and secure

- Discover how networks work

- Introduction to basics of MIT App Inventor

Session 3 Be-A-Digital-Citizen!

- Coding: plugged and unplugged activities

- Introduction to Block Programming

- Build the apps that help other people

Session 4 Be-An-Engineer!

- Create a simple machine

- Using the Design Process-Challenge

- Scribing in an engineering notebook

- Build and write a program for a robot

Session 5 Coding for good!

- Programming and Robotics Basics

- Test robot senses

- Create robots that solve problems and generate positive change

Session 6 Computer Savvy!

- Explore how computing and technology can impact the world

- Learn how programmers write code

- How to use data to foster progress

Session 7 Be-A-Programmer!

- Introduction to Graphical User Interface

- How coding can help people understand complex issues

- Research about a sustainable problem they would like to solve

Session 8 CS for the common good!

- Create their own apps, games, art, and digital stories to share

- Empower themselves and others

- Do amazing things in their communities and beyond

Session 9 Be-An-Entrepreneur!

- Entrepreneurial journey: create a business plan for their technology creations

- Girls show the world their business savvy

Session 10 Pitch Day!

- Girls showcase their innovations

- Educate and inspire others to be part of the change