East Brunswick, NJ
Apr 5, 2020 - Apr 26, 2020
In this workshop, girls will learn about Artificial Intelligence and its applications in society! Through hands-on activities and coding in Python, the students will construct their own AI project that tackles a social issue meaningful to them.
Provided by Manasi and Girl Scouts of Central and Southern NJ

Program Dates & Times

These dates stated above are subject to change. 

Every Sunday (4/05 to 4/26) from 10 am - 2 pm (tentative timing).


7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade



More About the Program

This program revolves around the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in society. On the first day of the camp, the students will be introduced to AI through a series of group hands-on activities that will illustrate how AI works.

On the second day, the girls will see AI in action by engaging in an online program that allows them to create their own AI project. This activity will teach the girls about machine learning -- a branch of AI in which the machine can learn on its own and improve with experience. Through Microsoft’s Custom Vision software, the girls will train the computer to recognize the hand gestures of rock, paper, & scissors. After creating the rock, paper, & scissors exercise, the girls will build their own projects with different gestures to teach the computer. This second day of the camp provides the girls with a deep understanding of how AI and machine learning work.

On the third and fourth days of the camp, the girls will create two AI projects using the Raspberry Pi. We will teach the Raspberry Pi to play a cheering sound when we raise our hands in the air (as if we are cheering). The girls will set up their camera, capture snapshots with different angles & lighting, record the data, train the network on the data, and finally, run their network. 

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Meeting 1: Icebreakers, introduction to machine learning and artificial intelligence

Meeting 2: Building the machine learning project

Meeting 3: Using the Raspberry Pi to create an AI project

Meeting 4: Present projects to your peers

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