Washington , DC
Nov 18, 2019 - Jun 14, 2020
Cyber Week, in coordination with Everybody Code Now!, a non-profit organization that works to empower the next generation of leaders in computing to transform their future and help lead their communities towards a new era of technical expertise and entrepreneurship from exposure to basic programming skills, will empower youth from the DC area to become more aware and cybersecure digital users through immersive education and interactive lesson planning. We are equipping girls with crucial skills behind how to combat the most common cyber-risks threatening Americans each year. In addition, we will be working with BEST (Building Engineering and Science Talent), with funding from a coalition of federal agencies in the DoD, to broaden the participation of women and historically underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Cyber Week will be held across multiple schools throughout the 2019-2020 school year. Please contact NCWIT AspireIT Leader, Samina, for more information on finding a Cyber Week in your area of the DMV!
Provided by Samina and Everybody Code Now!

Registration is closed for this program. Please contact the Program Leader for information about a waitlist.

Program Dates & Times

Week 1: Oxon Hill HS (December 2nd, 4th, 6th) 



1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade


Cyber Week is free to all participants! 

More About the Program

The primary goal for the Cyber Week program is to use a series of curriculums to be freely distributed and geared towards K-12 students to introduce and expose students to major Cybersecurity principles. The curriculums are be packaged with ideas for events which highlight a specific cyber topic for each day, with topics ranging from the simple cyber hygiene of strong passwords to more nuanced behavior, like recognizing phishing messages.

As we all know, the Internet is a large part of every student’s life. Whether it comes to completing assignments to browsing the web, children are large consumers of the internet. With that, the issue at hand is if mature, tech savvy adults can fall for online scams, we need to ensure that children’s lack of experience will be protected through cybersecurity education at a young age.

Through Cyber Week, these young children will be able to learn how to have a secure cyber presence and allow for teachers to be open about online safety with their students. Cybersecurity is a focus that provides crucial information to students regardless of the career path they choose in the future. Privacy lessons, such as only speaking to those they know, having limited information be public, and using the internet for appropriate uses are all lessons that can be applied towards the cyberspace. Additionally, we will be diving into topics students face on a day to day basis, such as cyberbullying prevention and how safe online behavior is crucial to a student's well-being. 

Children have the brightest minds and are full of curiosity towards various subjects, technology included. These students are the backbone to our future innovation economy. It is vital that they are equipped with cybersecurity skills at a young age in order to bring this knowledge to the workforce and allow their families, communities, and country to be as safe from threats as possible.

The ultimate goal of Cyber Week is to teach current students how to be safe and conscious consumers, creators, and citizens, five days at a time -- stopping threats before they could happen.

For more information, contact Samina.


Monday: What is Cyber? / How to Make a Strong Password with LastPass & DoD STEM Lesson 1 (Intro)

Tuesday: Identifying Cyber Threats/Bullying & Exploring AWS Educate (AWS InCommunities- Building Better Communities with Technology) 

Wednesday: Fun with Phishing & Creating Social Good with Girl Up (Building Girl Power with STEM) & DoD STEM Lesson 2 (Finding Job Prospects) 

Thursday: Detecting Scams & Pop-Ups & Understanding National Security with Girl Security (Building Leadership Skills) 

Friday: Cyber Celebration with Encryption & Learning with Girls Who Code/CodeVA (Sisterhood, Empowerment) & DoD STEM Lesson 3 (How to Stay Involved) 

Female Cyber Tech Heros of History to Present featured everyday of the week! 

*Each day of the week will be packaged with a cyber topic as well as information on local technology organizations for students to be introduced to. These organizations are included for students to explore their interests in STEM, learn about future job prospects, and take on future opportunities to further their involvement in their community! Organizations are subject to change based on the Cyber Week held -- more updates to come!