Greensboro, NC
Oct 12, 2019 - Apr 30, 2020
Codeista is a program exposing girls to computer science by teaching them basic coding through various programming interfaces. Through lessons, discussions, and creating personal projects, we hope not only to encourage girls to consider a STEM career, but also to develop the growth mindset to succeed in the future.
Provided by Suhani and AAUW Greensboro

Registration is closed for this program. Please contact the Program Leader for information about a waitlist.

Program Dates & Times

Codeista is a full-year program that starts on October 12 and ends on April 30, 2020. Below is the timeframe for the program:


Saturday January 18, 10:30 to noon 
UNCG Jackson Library Room 177A

The girls will start getting into groups and brainstorming on a social issue.


Saturday February 1, 10:30 to noon

UNCG Jackson Library Room 177A

Work on projects


Saturday February 8, 10:30 to noon

UNCG Jackson Library Room 177A

Work on projects


Saturday March 7, 10:30 to noon

UNCG Jackson Library Room 177A

Work on projects


Saturday March 14, 10:30 to noon

UNCG Jackson Library Room 177A

Work on projects



Saturday January 25, 10:30 to noon

UNCG Jackson Library Room 177A




6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade



More About the Program

Through participation in Codeista girls will develop a basic understanding of computer science and create projects either through LEGO Robotics or Alice. They will also work on expanding their creativity by carefully crafting the physical appearance of their project and adding detail. All of these new skills will allow them to explore ways to solve different social issues and consider careers utilizing IT. They will also gain exposure to resources they can help to guide themselves. In the program, participants are given the opportunity to ask questions and converse with women who are currently in mostly male-dominated STEM fields. They will get to tour the Digital Media Commons at UNCG. Here they will get to learn about 3D design and printing, VR, and video/audio editing, where they will get to see green screen! The tour will also be hands-on, so the students will get to receive an interactive experience. A high school FIRST Robotics team will provide demonstrations and discuss opportunities for students to engage in First Lego Leagues (FLL), First Robotics Challenge (FRC), and First Technical Challenge (FTC).

We would love for a diverse set of students to be a part of our program and I encourage you to sign your child up. We welcome students with first languages other than English and we will also be having an Arabic translator. We also welcome hearing impaired students and we will ensure that these needs are met.

For more information, contact Suhani.


Meeting 1: Tech Savvy

Students will be given basic lessons using Alice and LEGO Mindstorms. With Alice, they will create animated movies, interactive narratives, and simple games. With LEGO Robotics students, will learn how to create functional robots by attaching motors, sensors, wires, and the “brick”, which is called the EV3 block that acts a programming hub for the robot. They will utilize the LEGO Mindstorms software to program their robot by moving its motors, controlling its speed, and allowing the robot to speak. They will also interact with STEM female professionals who will come in to talk about their careers, hardships, and how they got through them and encourage girls to consider a STEM career. 

Meetings 2-5:

These meetings will go more into depth with Alice and Robotics and students will get more hands-on experience using these programs. Towards the end of Meeting 4, students will begin forming groups and brainstorming ideas for a final project. At Meeting 5 they will spend the entire time building their project. 

Meeting 5: Tech Savvy 2

Students will complete their projects in this day and practice presenting for final presentations which are to be held on April 17.