Irvine, CA
Jan 28, 2020 - Mar 17, 2020
The #innovate program will introduce middle-school girls to a variety of different coding languages through the use of Spheros, Scratch, Thunkable, HTML, and integrated JavaScript. Engaging workshops and an emphasis on innovation and creativity will pique the participants' interest in computer science and encourage them to pursue it further.
Provided by Lydia and University of California Irvine

Registration is closed for this program. Please contact the Program Leader for information about a waitlist.

Program Dates & Times

Tuesdays 2:45 - 5:00 PM 


6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade


This program is offered for free! 

More About the Program

This program will be held at South Lake Middle School on Tuesdays 2:45-5:00 from January 28 to March 17. Generally, workshops will follow this structure:

2:45-3:00 Snacks and settling in

3:00-3:15 Introduction of volunteers and that day's workshop topic.

3:15-4:45 Instruction and hands-on activities. 

4:45-5:00 Raffle

For more information, contact Lydia.


Workshop 1: Spheros. During the first workshop, the girls will learn how to use block-based programming in combination with Sphero Mini robots. This hands-on activity is sure to spark their interest.

Workshop 2: Scratch and Makey Makey. For the second day, the girls will continue exploring block-based languages by using Scratch. In addition, they'll be able to incorporate physical objects into their code by using the Makey Makey kits.

Workshop 3: HTML. In the third workshop, the girls will move from block coding to a text-based programming language. By the end of the workshop, they'll know the basics of making websites with HTML using Khan Academy. 

Workshop 4: HTML Day 2. On the fourth day, the girls will use what they learned from Workshop 3 and apply it to existing websites using Google Chrome's built-in developer's tools. After that, they will learn about CSS and use CodePen to work on their own HTML creations.

Workshop 5: Thunkable. After the girls master HTML and know how to make websites, they'll learn how to make their own apps on Thunkable.

Workshop 6: JavaScript. The girls will learn how to make basic games and applications in JavaScript on Khan Academy. This furthers their understanding of text-based programming languages.

Workshop 7: Empowerment Day. During the second to last workshop, the girls will take a day to learn about important women in computer science and STEM fields. Then, they'll create a project of their choosing on a topic that relates to a societal issue to demonstrate how coding can help. A WICS representative will come to speak about their experience in computer science. 

Workshop 8: Challenge Day. On the final day, the girls will be challenged to put together everything they've learned in a series of challenges. It will be in the style of a scavenger hunt / online escape room where they'll need to assemble clues from different stations to finally finish the puzzle.