Brentwood Los Angeles, CA
Jan 18, 2020 - May 18, 2020
Using Lego NXT EV3 kits, participants of the program will build their own robots and learn how to code them. Additionally, with the integration of field trips, specialist speakers, group discussions, and STEM related activities, the participants will be given the opportunity to delve deeper into their own specific interests.
Provided by Paige and Brentwood School

Program Dates & Times

February 23 10AM-3PM

March 15 10AM-3PM

April 26 10AM-3PM

May 2 10AM-3PM

May 16 10AM-3PM


4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade


The cost for participating in the program will be $200 per participant. However, scholarships are available. This cost will contribute towards snacks and lunch for all six sessions. As well, this cost will cover addition items that the participants will be receiving, such as personalized backpacks and sweatshirts!

More About the Program

A Girl's Guide to Coding is designed to teach young women the basics of STEAM principles so they can delve deeper into coding and engineering in their future, as well as inspiring them to explore STEAM topics that can make an impact upon their own communities. The program focuses on two main principles: coding and engineering. The participants will be building Lego NXT robots and coding them to compete in an obstacle course assembled and created by the girls. The first three sessions will consist of building, and the remaining three will focus on coding the robots and testing them. A huge part of the program is teaching participants how to be collaborative with one another - it is easier to solve problems in a group rather than tackling them by oneself. Throughout the program, fun science/STEAM activities will allow the participants to delve deeper into their own specific interests. Additionally, participants will watch a documentary called CodeGirl and hear from a guest speaker to show how their passion for Computer Science can have a real impact on other people's lives. The documentary and guest speaker will inspire the girls to continue learning about computer science and engineering. The program will end with an obstacle course that will allow the participants to showcase their robot's abilities and a medal ceremony crowning specific robots leaders in four different categories: creativity, best decoration, speed, and most improvement. Participants will leave the program with a vast knowledge in programming and engineering that will be able to support them in their future endeavors in the STEAM community. Most importantly, the program strives to create a fun but educational environment that supports fellow young women!

For more information, contact Paige.


Each day of the camp will be tailored to teaching the participants a new coding/engineering skill! The exact program agenda will be updated shortly.

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