Cleveland, OH
Jun 15, 2020 - Jun 19, 2020
Planned in partnership with Advantage Cleveland Tennis and Education, GirlCodeCLE will be a virtual week-long introductory computer science program for middle schoolers (10-14 year olds). The attendees will gain foundational coding skills by learning block-based programming with Scratch, make and collaborate on creative projects, and become part of a close-knit community of empowered Cleveland girls.
Provided by Stephanie and Case Western Reserve University

Program Dates & Times

Monday - Friday; 1 - 3pm


6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade



More About the Program

GirlCodeCLE will consist of a week full of group discussions, interactive programming and computational thinking activities, project-based Scratch instruction, individual and group work, and guest speakers. It will bring individualized computer science instruction to ~15-20 girls. 

This program is designed for girls who have no computer science experience — no prior knowledge required! By the end of the program, participants will have created interactive multimedia projects using Scratch that address local environmental problems (i.e. PSAs, animations, games, etc).

Why join? Through a fun, group environment, you will:

- learn foundational computing/coding skills (e.g., sequences, loops, variables, and debugging)

- meet and collaborate with girls with similar interests

- apply your new computer science skills to solve real-world environmental issues (i.e. recycling, pollution, climate change, etc.)

- make your own projects to share with your friends and family

- talk to inspirational women in technology 

- gain confidence in your skills

For more information, contact Stephanie.


Meeting 1: Introduction to computer science, Scratch, and environmental issues

Meeting 2: Interactive lessons, activities, and projects

Meeting 3: Interactive lessons, activities, and projects; start group Scratch projects based on the theme of “Environment”

Meeting 4: Interactive lessons, activities, and projects; finish group Scratch projects

Meeting 5: Group presentations and reflection

Agenda is subject to change.

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