Denver, CO
Feb 19, 2020 - Jun 5, 2020
Huskie Robots will foster disadvantaged girls’ computer science skills through Wonder Workshops’ Learn to Code curriculum, developing their ability to run a series of K-3 lunch-bunch robotics sessions, allowing for sustained programming across grades, leading to a school robotics team. Leaders will either be Technopreneur participants or new 4th graders.
Provided by Maya and Holm Elementary School

Program Dates & Times

Mondays Lunch Bunch Group: 12 - 1:15 pm

Wednesdays: 7 - 8:15 am


1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade


No Cost

More About the Program

Huskie Robots is a new experience for the Huskie Technopreneurs participants. The girls will have a solid foundation in beginning coding through their previous work with CS First and Scratch. We’ll thus be ready to utilize Wonder Workshop’s Curriculum Level F, which focuses coding skills (e.g., nested conditionals, repeat until loops, etc.) on robotics, and we’ll have more opportunities to run the in-school robotics groups for other students. 

Thus, participants will have a strong foundation in coding, robotics, and the ways that CS can be applied to real-world service opportunities and experiences.

Our coders will become TAs in the school-wide robotics program, developing leadership skills within their own communities, allowing an extended service activity, and applying their coding knowledge to multiple venues. Additionally, they will create a school robotics team.

Through our field trip/workshops, students will learn and get excited about a career in CS.


2/19/2020: Classes begin. Experiment with robots, get a feel for app, program, and accessories. 

2/27/2020: Begin working through Wonder Workshop Learn to Code Curriculum Guide.

3/9/2020: Determine Lunch Bunch coding groups and begin sessions with K-3 students. Girls will meet on Wednesday mornings to learn coding, strengthen their skills, and plan for lunch bunch groups. They will co-run groups during lunch on the following Monday, so they will meet twice a week (once as just the girls, once as co-leaders for the lunch bunch groups).

March: Field trip to Wings Over the Rockies to learn about coding and technology careers.

4/6/2020: Begin new sessions of lunch bunch groups.

April: In addition to regular class, we will be doing a workshop with either Microsoft Education or Wings over the Rockies. A guest speaker will come, we will do a hands-on activity, and discussion of coding and technology careers will be emphasized.

5/6/2020 Begin new sessions of lunch bunch groups

6/5/2020: Determine robotics team for next year, Award Ceremony, & Post-program survey.

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