Ashburn, VA
Jun 17, 2020 - Aug 28, 2020
Scratch That is a 15 hour long computer science program based on Scratch that will be offered in Northern Virginia. The program will take place over the course of 5 days from April 6th to April 10th, 2020, and focus on the issue of mental health/bullying. The target audience will be girls in grades 3-7.
Provided by Stuti and Give++

Program Dates & Times

The session dates have been postponed to Summer due to current circumstances concerning COVID-19. More information about exact dates will be updated soon. Thank you for your patience!


3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade


We will charge each participant a total of $25 for the program. We will provide scholarships for the program for 3 low-income girls. These girls will need to be qualified for reduced/free lunch in their schools in order to receive the scholarship. Acceptable methods of payment (through cash, credit card, etc.) to be determined.

More About the Program

To teach Scratch, we will be using the Storytelling Lesson Plan curriculum from Google’s CS First Program, and the book, “Coder Academy,” as a baseline. The Storytelling Lesson includes 8 activities spread out to a total of 10 hours. Each activity is slightly harder than the previous, allowing students to slowly advance in their Scratch skills. Each lesson focuses on a certain aspect of the story; for example, the first focuses on dialogue, and the second on scenery. Because each activity is customizable, we will introduce each lesson in a way that it revolves around our social issue of mental health awareness all the while allowing a great margin of creativity for students to express their own thoughts. We will also be using “Coder Academy” for less computer-based work, as this book includes many fun coding activities that do not involve computers, such as a game boards and cards, and 3D robot models. There are 7 computers present at the center we plan to use, and we will ask that anyone who has access to a laptop at home try to bring their own. Every class we will have 3 breaks with snacks. We will also have other short activities adapted from S.T.E.M. festival activities. Additionally, we will hold a total of 5 mini competitions with prizes. The last activity of the lesson includes innovating a new idea, and pitching it to an audience using a story that they create with Scratch. To expand on this activity and take action for our social issue, we will have them actually carry out their ideas and present them to their fellow classmates and parents. Finally, to introduce career opportunities, we will bring in college alumni to speak about their experiences, and share our own experience mainly based on our Phone2Action internship.  Upon completion of this program, each student will not only receive a certificate, but also acquire skills and a new passion for coding, as well as a sense of community made up of strong female engineers.

For more information, contact Stuti.


  1. 1st day: introduction to program, icebreaker, mini competition, 1st and 2nd activity of lesson completed (April 6th)

  2. 2nd day: guest speaker, mini competition, 3rd and 4th activity of lesson completed (April 7th)

  3. 3rd day: binary lesson, binary beads activity, mini competition, 5th and 6th activity of lesson completed (April 8th)

  4. 4th day: introduction to the social issue, mini competition, any remaining activities (April 9th)

  5. 5th day: mini competition, present projects, hand out certificates, post-program surveys (April 10th) + graduation

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