Austin, TX
Jul 22, 2019 - Jul 26, 2019
Code Chica provides a condensed coding school and web development boot camp program. Girls will learn to code their own website during this week-long course and will be visited by technology professionals.
Provided by Rebecca and Latinitas

Program Dates & Times

Monday-Friday 9-12 PM


5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade



Code Chicas is open to all 14-18 year old girls in the Austin area

More About the Program

Latinitas is excited to announce the establishment of its statewide headquarters at Springdale General, a new collaborative work space on Austin’s East Side this June. The 2400 square foot space was priced for social impact organizations and nonprofits and will open opportunities for Latinitas to provide more onsite programs, including our own coding ramp-up program for middle and high school girls.

Despite technology’s role in every existing industry, reports that, still, less than 40% of Texas schools teach computer science, and the state has not yet created a plan for K-12 computer science that articulates the goals for computer science, strategies for accomplishing the goals, and timelines for carrying out the strategies, which is important for making computer science a fundamental part of a state’s education system. Latinitas has been addressing that gap, cultivating a pipeline from the classroom to the technology workspace for over a decade.

Code Chica camp attendees will engage in Code Ramp, a front-end web development course for those interested in learning to code. During one week of intense coding education, mentorship, and entrepreneurship training, this part-time course takes beginners from "I don't know what coding is" to "I know the basics and feel like I have a future in the field."

Code Chica will employ an AspireIT partner to provide a condensed coding school and web development bootcamp program. Girls will learn to code their own website during this week long course and will be visited by technology professionals.


Day 1:

  • Ice Breaker

  • Pre-Survey

  • Google CS in Scratch

  • Midday Break

  • TinkerCAD Intro

  • Sphero Robots


Day 2:

  • Intro Game

  • Google CS

  • Google Expeditions

  • Midday Break

  • TinkerCAD

  • 3D Printing Pens


Day 3:

  • Intro Game

  • Toothbrush Robots OR Scribble Bots

  • Industry Speaker

  • Midday Break

  • Career Reflection

  • Hour of Code

  • Dot and Dash


Day 4:

  • Intro Game

  • Google CS

  • Spheros

  • TinkerCAD

  • Paper Butterfly (Drone Mechanics)

  • Fly Drones


Day 5:

  • Field Trip

  • Post Survey

  • Wrap Up

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