Los Angeles, CA
Jun 24, 2019 - Aug 24, 2019
We'll be programming Hummingbird robots using Scratch with a focus on solving problems in the local community, as identified by the program participants.
Provided by Sydney and School On Wheels / Skid Row Learning Center 

Registration is closed for this program. Please contact the Program Leader for information about a waitlist.

Program Dates & Times

Tuesdays 2:00 - 4:00.  The program is scheduled to run for 6 weeks, beginning on Tuesday June 25 and ending on July 30. The extra two weeks and Monday August 19 have been added to the session dates in case extra time is needed.

**Session ends on August 24**


3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade


No cost for participants.

More About the Program

This program will introduce girls to robotics and coding using Hummingbird Robotic Kits and Scratch Coding. Opportunities to discover how accessible and applicable to everyday life robotics can be will happen with introductory large group and small group activities. The three groups will have diversified ages and grades so the groups will have varied levels of skills, experiences, and knowledge to bring to the development of their robot. There will be extended opportunities to experience the creative side of robotics with a lot of time to create their robots. The processes of the program begin with being introduced to robots and coding, then participating in pre-building activities, planning and building robots, presenting robots, and evaluating the success of the robots in our community. The importance of perseverance in robotics and coding will be present through all these processes when the participants are encouraged to see mistakes or frustrations as an opportunity to make their robots more successful with one-on-one help from the program team members. There will be opportunities at the end of the program to showcase the robots to the Skid Row Learning Center. 


Meeting 1:  Introduce participants to Hummingbird Robots, Scratch coding, and robots in our community and everyday life with a slide show / video. Participate in large group activities with Scratch Coding Cards.  Participate in large group activities completing the Scratch Comic for Hummingbird Duo. Divide into three age-diversified groups.

Meeting 2: Show each group how to connect a Hummingbird into Scratch and introduce the "More Blocks" section of Scratch. Show each group how they can use the "More Blocks" section and combine it with the other sections of Scratch that they have previously learned to have their Hummingbird Robots complete small movements such as making an LED blink or a servo move back and forth. Next, have the groups brainstorm how they can use what they just learned to make robots that can be a helpful part of our community.

Meeting 3: First day of robot building. Groups will work together to build a prototype of their robots using craft materials. They will then attach Hummingbird Prototyping Cards to their robots to show where they will put their sensors, motors, and LEDs. Once the designs are approved, the groups will have the rest of the time to build and program their robots.

Meeting 4: Program team members will talk to the groups individually about their robots. This is a time to discuss what is working, what isn't, troubleshooting, and also any additional changes that can be made. Then, the groups will have the rest of the session to work on their robots.

Meeting 5: Program team members will talk to the groups individually about their robots. They will discuss any last changes that can be made in either the code or the design of the robot. Then groups will have the rest of the meeting to finish their robots and add any decorations.

Meeting 6: The last meeting will start with a large group discussion of their experiences learning about robotics. This is a time to discuss what the girls liked and what they didn't like and also what they would like to know more about or explore in the future. Then each group will showcase their robots. This gives the girls a chance to show what they have been working on and also explore other groups' projects.