Sayreville, NJ
Mar 24, 2019 - Apr 28, 2019
Sayreville Robo Scouts is a month long robotics program aimed at Girl Scouts in elementary school. In this program, attendees will learn technical skills like programming and engineering, as well gain leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.
Provided by Madeleine and Girl Scouts of Central and Southern NJ

Program Dates & Times

Meeting 1: Tuesday, March 19th: 2 hours

Meeting 2: Sunday, March 24th: 3.5 hours 

Meeting 3: Tuesday, March 26th: 2 hours

Meeting 4: Tuesday, April 2nd: 2 hours

Meeting 5: Tuesday, April 9th: 2 hours

Meeting 6: Tuesday, April 16th: 2 hours

Meeting 7: Tuesday, April 23rd: 2 hours

Meeting 8: Sunday, April 28th: 3 hours


1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade


The fee for this program is $25. A limited number of scholarships are available as well.

More About the Program

Sayreville RoboScouts is a month-long robotics program meeting on Tuesdays and Sundays for girls living in Sayreville in kindergarten to 4th grade. Girls will learn programming, engineering, and leadership skills while creating a robot that solves a problem astronauts face while living in space. This is a great opportunity for young girls to grow their interest in both robotics and the multitude of programs that Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey offer for scouts their age.


Info Session/Team Organization Session: Tuesday, March 19th, 2 hours

In this meeting, the robotics program is introduced to the attendees and their parents/guardians.  Necessary forms and information are given out to parents/guardians (reminding them about dates, times, and requirements).

Kickoff! Sunday, March 24, 3.5 hours

The robotics program will follow along a 12-step activity book.  Multiple activities will be compressed into each meeting as girls are meeting for 2 hours each week, which is more time than allotted for each step. The first meeting will be a kickoff meeting for the program where we'll get to know each other and begin learning about teamwork, problem solving, and engineering as we split into groups to build moving Lego models.

Session 3: Tuesday, March 26, 2 hours

During this meeting the girls will begin brainstorming ideas for a project about space travel. The girls will also continue with their teamwork and program solving skills while completing a series of engineering challenges. Parents who couldn't attend the first meeting may stay during the meeting to learn about what the girls will be doing.

Session 4: Tuesday, April 2, 2 hours

The girls will share the project ideas and/or solutions they came up with during the previous meeting to the class, then split up into teams to build a programmable robot out of Legos.

Session 5: Tuesday, April 9, 2 hours

The attendees will be taught about the basics of programming, particularly the block programming software used by Lego products. The girls will test out the programs they created on the robots they built during the previous meeting.

Session 6: Tuesday, April 16, 2 hours

The girls will build their robotics-based solutions to problems faced during space travel.

Session 7: Tuesday, April 23. 2 hours

Girls will finish programming their robotic solutions and test the autonomous program to make sure that it is working correctly. A small presentation will be given at the end of the meeting to explain to parents how they can keep their girls involved in STEM programs like the Sayreville RoboScouts in the future.

Expo: Sunday, April 28 

This is a showcase event for the girls to present the results of their hard work to their family and friends while also making use of their leadership and teamwork skills.

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