Oakland, CA
Oct 15, 2019 - Jan 16, 2020
Girls entering the program take three core courses: computer science, cognitive science, and creativity. In these classes, they choose a real-world problem that they want to solve. By the end of their classes, they will have a working blueprint for an idea that can be prototyped and implemented.
Provided by Caroline and htm.elle

Program Dates & Times

Tuesday, October 15 to Thursday, January 16.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, after school from 3:30 - 5 PM. No htm.elle on school holidays.

Dates are subject to change. 


9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade


There is no cost to apply or attend our program. Thanks to our many sponsors, including NCWIT AspireIT, snacks, materials, and transportation are covered fully.

More About the Program

htm.elle at Fremont High School will introduce you to technology and computing concepts in a fun, engaging, all-girl environment, igniting the "technology spark" so that you're informed and ready to enter future tech courses with your parents' support.

During htm.elle, you'll explore human behavior and how to positively influence individuals, as well as learn the necessary technical skills to prototype your ideas, such as in data science, software, or physical materials. By the end of the program, you'll have learned major programming languages, primarily Python, HTML, and CSS! We'll also help you build out your pitch deck and begin your journey to starting and funding your own entity. 

To supplement your experience, we'll have a few exciting field trips to well-known companies help you get a grasp of what a career in STEM means. We also offer off-site counselors and advisors, as well as a super supportive peer group. Let's get coding! 

For more information, contact Caroline.


Week 1: Introductory Week

Week 2: Creativity; Cognitive Science - bias, observational research

Week 3: Cognitive Science - experiencer interviews, defining problems

Week 4: Cognitive Science - empathy, defining problems

Week 5: Creativity - brainstorming solutions

Week 6: Creativity - prototyping

Week 7: Cognitive Science - prototyping, problem-solving ethics

Week 8: Computer Science Introduction; Creativity - prototyping

Week 9: Entrepreneurship - evaluating business; Creativity - foundational design; Cognitive Science - perception, Gestalt Theory; Computer Science - Python

Week 10: Creativity - prototype testing; Computer Science - Python

Week 11: Computer Science - Python, Least Coins Challenge, data science

Week 12: Entrepreneurship - market analysis; Computer Science - Pandas, Seaborn; Creativity - foundational design

Week 13: Entrepreneurship - starting and running a business; Computer Science - Pandas, algorithms; Thanksgiving (no school)

Week 14: Entrepreneurship - pitching, funding, scaling & growing; Computer Science - HTML, CSS; finalize prototype

Week 15: Computer Science - build a website; finish prototype

Week 16: BUILD DAY, Celebration Day & final presentations

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