Manchester, NH
Jul 15, 2019 - Aug 12, 2019
App DevelopHer teaches girls in grades 6-12 basic mobile app creation using MIT’s App Inventor platform for Android devices. App Inventor suits all levels, allowing beginners and experienced students to code games, quizzes, and more. Completion of App DevelopHer will enable girls to create their own apps after the program ends.
Provided by Sarah and University of New Hampshire

Registration is closed for this program. Please contact the Program Leader for information about a waitlist.

Program Dates & Times

Mondays 9:30-10:30, Thursdays 9:30-10:30

There will be a UNH Manchester field trip on July 23rd.

There will be no session on July 29th.



6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade


This program is free to all participants.

More About the Program

App DevelopHer will teach girls grades 6-12 how to create their own basic mobile apps, using MIT’s App Inventor platform for Android devices. The primary goal is for students to develop computer science and problem solving skills in a fun and supportive environment. They will be introduced to and learn computer science principles such as loops, variables, procedures, parameters, and lists. Another goal is that they will be able to apply their newfound knowledge to code their own games, quizzes, and more. This will lay the groundwork for further development of socially useful apps. By the end of this program, the girls will be able to design their own User Interfaces, be familiar with using a block based code editor, use event-based programming to control the behavior of an app’s components, and be able to download and distribute their apps via QR codes and APK files.


The App DevelopHer program will work with MIT’s App Inventor’s free online curriculum. We will guide the girls through 8 core lessons to build their app development skills. Each lesson is based off of one of the “Basic” level tutorials. Here is each lesson and what it highlights: Hello Codi (introduction Graphical User Interface designer, button component, label component, sound component, introduction to block based code editor, introduction to event based handlers), Talk to Me Part 1/Part 2 (text-to-speech component, accelerometer sensor, text box component), Ball Bounce (canvas component, ball component, parameters), Paint Pot Part 1/Part 2 (screen arrangement components, canvas component, global variables), pedometer app with leaderboard (CloudDB), weather app (weather API), Google Maps Boston Tour app (Google Maps API), and MoleMash (image sprites, clock component, procedures, random number generation). Each session, we will go through one of the tutorials. Leaders will run an introduction to the day’s task, and the girls will do individual work on the lesson. The program leader and co-lead will be on hand to provide one-on-one guidance, as needed. The leader and co-lead will also monitor their progress and provide feedback on their projects at the end of each session.