Charleston, WV
Aug 24, 2019 - Sep 14, 2019
“GIRLS” is a face-to-face and online workshop targeted to middle school minorities. They will learn the basics of programming and get hands-on experience writing Swift code. They will learn about the building blocks of an algorithm and how to use Swift programming to solve problems.
Provided by Isabel and West Virginia University

Program Dates & Times

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade


No cost for participants.

More About the Program

“GIRLS” is a face-to-face and online hybrid workshop targeted toward female middle school minorities. In this program, the participants will receive training in Swift programming through the Swift Playgrounds app and the Learn to Code 1 curriculum.

There will be two eight-hour, face-to-face days in which the participants will be instructed by female university students. Instructors play the role as mentors too. In addition to the university students, high school NCWIT award winners will be working with and mentoring the participants as well. We plan to work through all of Learn to Code 1 during this portion of the program. After the face-to-face instruction is completed, the participants will have access to our online material. There will be 16 total hours' worth of material online for the participants to complete. They will be working with the Learn to Code 2 material. At any time during the online portion, participants may contact our team members for help, guidance, or further mentoring. Their progress will be tracked through the month of August.

There will also be two follow up sessions. Finally, there will be a face-to-face celebration day in which the participants will make presentations on what they learned, as well as showing one of the projects they did during the online portion. This is also when survey responses will be collected.



First Day:
The first half of day one will be for orientation, pre-surveys, ice-breaking activities, and getting to know each other. The participants will work through at least Lessons 0-3 of Learn to Code 1. There will also be a female guest speaker after lunch who will talk to the participants about her experience in the computer science field and about available computer-related careers.

Second Day:
During the second face-to-face day, the participants will work through at least Lessons 4-6 of Learn to Code 1. The will receive a lesson on presentations and how to increase soft skills, and we will demonstrate the online portion of the program.

Online Portion:
For the online portion, the participants will finish any remaining Learn to Code 1 activities. They will then work through Learn to Code 2.

Final Celebration Day:
The participants will show what they learned and demonstrate a project that they created. They will also talk about why they believe it is important that girls like them are represented in computer-related fields. Post-surveys will be taken.

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