Aurora, CO
Mar 27, 2019 - Mar 29, 2019
Participants will be creating games using Bloxels and creating laser tripwires using Raspberry Pis.
Provided by Ronniesha and Aurora Public Schools

Registration is closed for this program. Please contact the Program Leader for information about a waitlist.

Program Dates & Times

Tentative dates: Monday - Wednesday 10:30 am - 2:30 pm


3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade


No cost

More About the Program

Participants will use Bloxels to create a game that addresses a social issue that is important to them. They will also use Raspberry Pis to make laser tripwires and navigate an obstacle set up with the tripwires. On the last day, participants will tour a local IT department and have a celebration for the completion of the program.


Day 1: Game creation using Bloxels

Day 2: Laser tripwire creation using Raspberry Pis

Day 3: Tour of an IT Department and Celebration