Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

Who is eligible to apply?

All Aspirations in Computing Community members age 14 and older may apply to be Program Leaders. This includes High School Award recipients and Collegiate entrants to the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Community.

Each Program Leader works in partnership with an NCWIT Alliance or Associate Alliance member. Partnerships may be established with either non-profit or for-profit members (but only non-profit partners can apply for funding). If applicants are reapplying, consideration is given to Programs only if all previous Program requirements were met before the current application deadline and at the discretion of NCWIT representatives.

What if my Program Partner is not currently an NCWIT Alliance member?

If your Program Partner is not currently a member of NCWIT and would like to join an Alliance, please visit to learn about the Alliances, access a list of current members, and gather information on joining.

What if my local middle or high school or school district is interested in having an NCWIT AspireIT Program?

NCWIT encourages partnerships. Your school will need to partner with an Aspirations in Computing Community member to serve as the Program Leader and the school must become an Associate member of the K-12 Alliance to serve as the Program Partner. Learn more about membership.

What if there is a local non-profit I know of that is interested in having an NCWIT AspireIT Program?

NCWIT encourages partnerships. The local non-profit will need to partner with an Aspirations in Computing Community member. The Community member serves as the Program Leader and the non-profit must join NCWIT as an Associate Member of the K-12 Alliance to serve as the Program Partner. Learn more.

How will decisions be made?

The Selection Committee will compare applications to review criteria as listed in the RFP, and choose Programs from the applications that best meet the criteria provided.

What commitments are involved with being awarded an NCWIT AspireIT Program?

Please review the roles and responsibilities section of the RFP for a detailed description. If you receive funds from NCWIT, they must be used for programming as outlined in this RFP and the Program Application.

Can I submit an application and run another Program if I have had prior NCWIT AspireIT Program(s)?

Yes, absolutely. NCWIT encourages NCWIT AspireIT Programs to continue to provide future programming for girls. However, your application will not be considered if you have not completed the post-Program reporting tasks from your prior Program.

Can I have members on my NCWIT AspireIT Program Leadership Team in addition to the Program Leader and the Program Partner?

Yes, NCWIT encourages partnerships. You must have a primary Program Leader and Program Partner as defined in the RFP (see roles and responsibilities and glossary), but you may also have additional members on your team. In fact, it's a great idea! This allows flexibility for your Program to work together with peers and other institutions that may be excellent team members but aren’t award recipients or collegiate community members and/or NCWIT Alliance members.

The Program Leader and Program Partner must work as a team together and be able to have excellent communication and leadership skills to convey roles, expectations and accountabilities to the rest of the team. You should all be working together towards a common goal to fulfill your Program objectives.

What if I need help finding a partner?

If you need help finding a partner and/or leader, please email for helpful tips.